Answering Questions

The 2 most common questions I get asked everyday are; 

‘Who eats all your baking?’

‘Do you just eat cake everyday?’ 

I have answers for both!

There’s plenty of people who get to eat my baking! My partner been one of them. He always seems to time his trip into the kitchen just as the baked goods are coming out of the oven. How convenient!!  The rest of the baking gets eaten by my lovely family, friends and work colleagues. So I actually don’t get to eat a lot of it! Which then leads onto answering my next question. I do not just eat cake all day long! I do love cake though! I think to be able to run cake business, write your own recipes, and be a baker blogger you have to like cake and sweet treats! Imagine trying to run a cake business but the cake your selling your customer, you didn’t know if it tasted good or not? Or you make your own recipe but you’ve never tried the end product? It could taste horrible all you know! Here’s some proof I don’t just eat cake; 

 I love mango!! It’s one of my favourite fruits!! I even love mango flavouring too! I went to UAE back in November 2015 and found some mango extract in their supermarket! It’s amazing! My little sister loves mango as well! I made her a birthday cake; the sponge was mango flavour filled with mango buttercream! 

My sister loves traveling and loves geography, currently working towards a geography degree. This birthday cake was perfect for her; 

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