Cake Problems in the Summer Months

Cake Problems in the Summer Months

Most of us look forward to warm, long, Summer days. However, for cake makers, the warmer days can become an issue! Chocolate melts, butter melts, sugarpaste can soften too much, etc. All this equals one disastrous cake!! A bakers worst nightmare, which this exactly what happened to me this weekend!

While everybody was enjoying the lovely, hot, sunny bank holiday weekend; I was stressing over cake orders in the kitchen. Normally baking the cake, crumb coating it, and covering it with a layer of sugar paste is the least stressful part of decorating a cake! The part of a cake order that is so repetitive with every cake order I do, it’s something I can do in my sleep!! However, only just recently coming out of the cold, Winter months, forgetting the impact temperature has on buttercream, I covered my first cake and it was lumpy!! I redid it, the result was still the same! I couldn’t understand why! I did everything the same as normal! Trying not to get too stressed out, I tweeted my Twitter friends. Always a great help when needed, they gave me some great advice and tips! I redid the cake, and gained a perfectly smooth covered cake!

I thought it would be a great idea to write a blog on my errors and to share it with you. I want to help to prevent you from making the same mistakes like I did! We all make mistake in the kitchen, no matter how good a baker we may be! Sharing my mistakes helps others learn, and thats why I’m sharing this with you.



Tip 1:

Allow more time!!


Tip 2:

Cakes take longer to cool down when it’s warm! 



Tip 3:

For the crumb coat use a hard butter for the buttercream. I did the mistake of using a soft butter! Also allow longer time in the fridge for it to set before adding the sugar paste layer. In the Winter months I normally leave it for 30 minutes in the fridge. The Summer months I have found leaving it up to an hour in the fridge works best! I left mine in 30 minutes but found it wasn’t hard enough. So when I brought into the warm air, it started softening too quickly. 



Tip 4:

Only remove the crumb coated cake out of the fridge when ready to place the sugarpaste on top. Take it out too early, it will begin to soften. You need the buttercream to be set hard on the cake to give that smooth look once the sugarpaste is on top.



Tip 5:

The great thing about the Summer months, the sugarpaste does not need kneading as much, as the warm air keeps it soft. However, it still does need kneading! Kneading prevents the fondant cracking when placing it on top of the cake! 



Tip 6:

Don’t store you cake in direct sunlight! It cause the sugarpaste to soften and fade!


Follow these great tips and you will achieve this:



Ignore my tips are you will achieve this:



Please note: Sugarpaste can be also called fondant or ready roll icing.

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