For Christmas I got the ‘Official 2017 Great British Bake Off’ calendar. Every month there’s a new recipe for try out. April’s recipe is to make some Russian style pancakes called, ‘Syrniki’.  In Russia, on Easter morning they traditionally eat these pancakes for breakfast. However, they are also enjoyed as […]


Everyone thinks Valentine’s Day is just for the people who are all loved up in happy relationships! Ever been single on 14th February and feel lonely? Dreaded the day as everyone received gifts and cards except you? Well Valentine’s Day isn’t just about the people who are in a relationship […]

Valentines Day

The 2 most common questions I get asked everyday are;  ‘Who eats all your baking?’ ‘Do you just eat cake everyday?’  I have answers for both! There’s plenty of people who get to eat my baking! My partner been one of them. He always seems to time his trip into […]

Answering Questions