Chocolate Oreo Snowflakes

Chocolate Oreo Snowflakes

Anyone feeling festive? I feel like it’s time to get out them christmas baking moulds out of the cupboard and put them to use! Give them a good soak in the washing up bowl with warm soapy water, brush away the dust from been stored away for so long! Every year I always get a surprise! There’s always that one chocolate mould I forget I have! This year it was this snowflake one! I brought in the January sales after christmas and never had the opportunity the use it! Everybody has had enough of seeing and eating chocolate by then! I can’t even mention the word chocolate to some people without making them feel sick! Too much over eating in the festive season; were all victims of that! 

Craving chocolate today, and having a very busy day planned out; my choice of baking was a very easy descion! I had my partners chocolate advent calendar to make. Knowing I was having to melt chocolate for that, I thought I might as well kill to birds in one stone! These were defiantly a winner too! By the time my partner came home from work that evening, they were gone! Certainly too tasty to share!  The motto of the day: Not all baking is to share!!!


Need a deep snowflake chocolate mould but you can try it with other deep chocolate mould for a different design!





2 Oreos

 100g White Chocolate

100g Milk Chocolate







  1. Melt the white chocolate in a heatproof bowl over a pan of hot water until melted. (See below how to melt chocolate) Pour a thin layer into the mould and leave to set.
  2. Melt the milk chocolate in a heatproof bowl over a pan of hot water until melted. (See below how to melt chocolate) Pour a thin layer on top of the layer of white chocolate in the mould.
  3. Crush the Oreos into small pieces. Sprinkle on top of the milk chocolate before it sets. Just a think layer as too thick the Oreos won’t stick and fall off!
  4. Leave to set completely then remove from the mould and enjoy!


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