Different Types of Sugar

Different Type of Sugars

Granulated Sugar

This is the most common type of sugar used. This is the sugar people put in their teas and coffees. Also known as white or table sugar. The crystals are bigger in this type of sugar, and not recommend for baking with.Although the sugar is ideal for sprinkling on top of finished products. 


Caster Sugar

This is the most common type of sugar used in baking. It’s a superfine granulated white sugar. The superfine crystals dissolve much quicker, making it perfect to bake with!


Golden Caster Sugar

This is a superfine granulated sugar like caster sugar but is golden brown in colour with a caramel, buttery taste. Ideal use for baking with similar to caster sugar. It’s personal preference which type of caster sugar you prefer to bake with.


Icing Sugar

This can also be called powered sugar or confectioners sugar. It is a very fine powdered like sugar. A lot finer then caster sugar! Perfect for making icing and buttercream with!


Light Brown Sugar

This is a refined white sugar, containing a small amount of molasses. Molasses is a by-product which is produced during the process of refining sugarcane.  The texture reminds me a bit like wet sand! Perfect for gingerbread cookies!


Dark Brown Sugar

This is a refined white sugar, containing a small amount of molasses, but slightly more then a Light Brown Sugar. The flavour is slightly stronger then that of a light brown sugar. Perfect for fruit loafs!


Muscovado Sugar

Also called Barbados Sugar. This comes in light and dark varieties, and has a wet, sticky texture. It’s a unrefined sugar cane, which still contains its molasses left over from the refining process. The sugar crystals are bigger and add to a stronger flavour then brown sugar. Perfect for marinades and BBQ sauces.


Golden Syrup

Also can be called Light Treacle. It is a thick, amber-coloured syrup perfect for using in flapjacks and gingerbread! Also widely used on pancakes and waffles!



Also known as Black Treacle. Is similar to golden syrup but a darker colour with a stronger, bitter taste. Perfect for use in Parkin cake, homemade toffee, and Treacle cake.



Honey is made by bees, is light golden brown colour and with a sweet taste. Honey is used for all sorts of things! Brilliant medicine if you have a bad cough, tastes great in drinks if you want to sweeten your coffee or tea, great on deserts, great on your Wheatabix, and great in baking too!


Jam Sugar

A sugar which contains Pectin which helps the jam set quickly, keeps a fresh fruity flavour, and their natural colour.