Valentines Day

Everyone thinks Valentine’s Day is just for the people who are all loved up in happy relationships! Ever been single on 14th February and feel lonely? Dreaded the day as everyone received gifts and cards except you? Well Valentine’s Day isn’t just about the people who are in a relationship it’s about telling everyone who you love, how much you love them! 

Wherever it’s telling your partner you love them, your mom you love them, your daughter, you son  or your best friend you love them! It can be anyone! There is no reason to dread this day, feel lonely on this day anymore!

I’ve created a range of perfect  gifts to make the people you love feel special on this day! 

Put a smile on their face and make them feel special with either some chocolate hearts or cute pink French Macaroons 💕

Selling the following: 

Chocolate Hearts: 

6 for £3 gift wrapped

Chocolate Oreos

Popping Candy 

Salted Caramel 

Rocky Road 

Chocolate Sour Confetti 

Milk Chocolate 

White Chocolate 

French Macaroons gift wrapped: 

Mini Macarons: £1 each

Large Macarons: £2 each 

Pink Macarons filled with a chocolate ganache

Please contact me for more information! 

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